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Shannon’s passion for music shines through in the most inspiring ways. Seeing how excited she became as I progressed as a singer made me want to try harder and push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. Thank you, Shannon, for giving me the confidence I needed to take my voice to the next level.
— Samir Lyons
We are all amazed at my daughter’s progress! Her choir teacher has really noticed a difference and we are so grateful to Anna for providing such good lessons. I’m seeing an improvement in my daughter’s self esteem and everything!”
— D.H.
I took lessons from Pablo for about 8-9 months and he is AMAZING!! I would send him songs I need to learn and he would simplify the chords, strumming, and technique and teach them to me so I would be able to perform it based off my project deadlines and was so helpful when teaching me music theory. He challenged me and helped me really appreciate all the different aspects of learning guitar and I was always in awe of how talented he was as a guitarist himself!
— Cara M.
There are many different options for private music instruction but Shannon offers an approach that is tailored to the student’s specific goals. She will challenge you to grow as a musician but also encourage you on your way to your musical goals.
— Brad F.
Shannon is simply amazing. Her positive, friendly manner works well in extracting the best from my children. After only a year my daughter was able to play well and sight read to the point where she could pick up a sheet of music and actually play it cold. Simply amazing.
— Jill Williams
Shannon works very intuitively and has managed to not only enhance my vocal skills, but pinpoint which songs resonate perfectly with me for my life, singing, and performance.
— Ric