Please read:


  • Musikgarten classes are held each week beginning June 1.  There is one week in August which a substitute teacher may conduct the class at its regularly scheduled time. 
  • Prompt attendance is important so classes may begin and end on time.  It is recommended that students and caregivers arrive 10 minutes early to park and get settled. 

Missed Classes

  • There are no refunds for classes missed by the student.  It may be possible to attend another section of the same class within the week.  
  • Please call the instructor by 8:00 am if you must miss a class.  (310-591-9226, studio number)
  • Because illness travels rapidly amongst children, please keep sick children at home.

Classroom Management

Parents assist in the following ways:

  • Participate by singing and modeling in a pleasant, relaxed manner.
  • Invite but never force participation.
  • Gently guide behavior.
  • For disruptive behavior:  Parent provides calming time by withdrawing with child from active participation OR by leaving classroom with child, according to parent’s assessment. 
  • Refrain from carrying on conversations with other adults during the class, particularly during singing.
  • Silence cell phones or do not bring them into the classroom area (preferred).
  • Leave individual food, drinks, and toys outside the classroom area.


Payment is automated and transactions will be made on the 2nd day of each month.

  • Instructor will consider other payment arrangements by request.
  • There are no refunds.
  • The flat monthly fee includes once-a-week class sessions. Some months will have 4 sessions, some 5, an on holiday months, 3.  It balances out. 


We greatly appreciate your complements and referrals to other families in the area.  Currently we are offering a $30 discount on next month's tuition for any children who enroll based upon your referral. Please feel free to invite others to visit a class session upon making arrangements with the Instructor.  Visiting a class one time is free.

Musikgarten students will also be given first priority when the Voice & Piano Studio is accepting new students for private piano lessons.